How Posting On Social Media Can Impact Your Personal Injury Case

personal injury

In the age of social media, and keeping everybody we know updated on everything we do, it’s easy to get carried away with posting first, and thinking later. We’ve all heard about the numerous cases of people being fired over a Facebook status update, and yet don’t think too hard about whether or not it is something that can affect us in the long term. With apps like Snapchat, which gives users the opportunity to post a picture to their 24 hour “story”, there has never been a more immediate way to overshare to our lives to family, friends, and even unfamiliar faces.

Other than the aforementioned professional problems of posting to your social media without forethought, constantly posting to social media can be a hindrance to your personal injury case. If you are a victim in the middle of a personal injury claim, social media is not your friend. Whether or not you are posting about anything related to the case, everything you post to your followers can be used as evidence against you.

According to a study by the Pew Research Centre done between 2005 and 2015, approximately 65% of adults in America use social networking sites. With its broad appeal across generations, having any sort of social media account is practically a staple for everyone. Problems arise from circumstances of personal injury for those who are active online. From posting pictures of events as they occur, updating your online friends about the case, or even “liking” a friend’s party photo, something you may find insignificant can have a negative impact on your case.

Insurance companies can access your social media accounts, and use your activity to make their case against you. If you post, or are “tagged” in a picture where you are engaged in some sort of activity that negates your disability claim, you may revisit that event while in court. The image caption does not matter in these circumstances, considering you are not under oath when out of the courtroom.

It can be difficult to refrain from posting about your personal injury claim, especially when you have an active online life. Even though keeping a record of your claim is important, what’s even more imperative is ensuring that your documentation is kept confidential between you and your lawyer.

A trusted and experienced personal injury lawyer, such as the ones in Pace Law Firm, can give you a complete list of do’s and dont’s of what to post on social media. They can help you figure out how to alter your online life in order to win your case. Just remember: anything you say or do, inside or outside of the courtroom, can be used against you in the court of law.

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